Selected Publications



Libya: The Transition to Environmental Sustainability. 2013.

Responsible Mining

Responsible Mining: The Key to Profitable Resource DevelopmentSustainability 2012 4(9): 2099-2126.

Guatemala’s Marlin Gold Mine: Suggestions to Rectify its Most Serious Errors.  Business & Human Rights Resource Center.  Goldcorp response,  September 25, 2012.

Best Practice Mining in Colombia. For Ikv Pax Christi.  Business & Human Rights Resource Center.   August 3, 2012

Philippines: Mining or Food?   With Dr. Clive Wicks.  Business & Human Rights Resource Center.  February 2009.

Mongolia: The Oyu Tolgoi Copper & Gold Mine Project: Comments on the ESIA, World Bank Information Center, Washington DC. Annex 1: Review by Robert Goodland, independent consultant. October 2012.

Cotabato’s Tampakan Mine Project: How to Reduce the Social and Environmental Impact and Promote Responsible Mining.  Davao, Ateneo de Davao University, International Conference, 2012.

Golden Opportunity or False Hope? AngloGold’s Proposed Gold Mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With Sarah Barnett, Freek Cronjé and Lukamba Muhiya Tshombe,  and the Cadre de Concertation. 2010. London: CAFOD.

 Ashanti Gold Kilo Corporation’s Mongbwalu Gold Mine Project: A Social and Environmental Reconnaissance.  2009. 85 pp. London: CAFOD.

Sustainable Development Sourcebook for the World Bank’s Extractive Industry Review: Examining the Social and Environmental Impacts of Oil, Gas and Mining. 2003. Jakarta, Extractive Industries Review [and] Washington, Extractive Industries Review for the World Bank Group. 189p. ISBN 0-9710173-2-8.

Livestock and Climate Change

Papers co-authored with Jeff Anhang.

Plants Have Proteins: A Case for Producing Less Meat.”  Down To Earth.  Center for Sustainability and Environment. November 15, 2012.

Hidden Cost of Hamburgers is Greater than Reported: How CIR’s report on the environmental impact of meat consumption went wrong. Earth Island Journal,  August 27, 2012.

Lifting Livestock’s Long Shadow.   Nature Climate Change 3, 2 (2013).

“Livestock and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Importance of Getting the Numbers Right.” With J. Anhang.   Animal Feed Science Technology, December 12, 2011: 166–167, 779–782.

Environmental Assessment

Best Practice for Panels of Experts: Effective Independent Oversight of High Risk World Bank Group Projects.” With Sarah Bedy and Sarah Maniates.   World Bank Information Center, Technical Paper: 102850, July 29, 2011, Washington DC.

Environmental Assessment and Development. 1994. R. Goodland and V. Edmundson, eds. Washington DC: World Bank.

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Environmental Assessment Sourcebook. 1991. R. Goodland, T. Walton, and V. Edmundson, eds. Washington DC: World Bank, (3 vols) [Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, French].

Dams and Hydro Power

Ten Rules-of-Thumb to Select Better Hydro Projects_Robert Goodland. February 27, 2012, draft.

“The World Bank versus the World Commission on Dams.”
 Water Alternatives 2010 3(2): 384-398. Special Issue: World Commission on Dams + 10, Viewpoints.